Do you support military action as the last resort to remove Saddam Hussein?


Catholics for a Just War are faithful Catholics who are concerned about going to war, but believe it is the last resort and in this situation just.  The Just War Doctrine is the standard used by leaders to determine when war is justified.  The Just War Doctrine defines both the necessary conditions for going to war and the considerations while prosecuting the war. Read more about the Just War Doctrine.

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Catholic Leaders Support a Just War in Iraq

Catholics and all men and women of goodwill agree that the decision to use military force must never be taken lightly. Indeed, the tradition of just war theory holds that force may be justified only as a last resort. Hence, Bishop Gregory’s admonition to “pursue actively alternatives to war.” But if, in your careful and considered judgment, no alternative can be found capable of removing or disarming a proven aggressor whose willingness to murder his enemies is checked only by his capacity to accomplish the task without unacceptable consequences to himself, then the norms of justice permit—and your obligations of civic leadership require—you to act with the force of arms.
Read the Open Letter from Lay Catholics to President Bush


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